Few Best Lightings for Your Stairs and Staircase – What Are Its Importance?

Whether it is residential or commercial stairway, safety is the predominant parameter. An abundantly and efficiently bright stairs will save you and your loved loves from small to severe falls and slip injuries. Staircase lighting will also add ambience light and attractive effects to your home decor. You can highlight the stairs and handrails with special staircase lightings in a dim light area.

Sofary has an online store for premium chandeliers and operate from Seattle, Washington. They have partnered with reputed and experienced manufacturers of trending and customized chandeliers all over the world. You can get assistance from their skilled designers to select an ideal staircase chandelier. They are affordable and reliable than the other luxury retailers and local stores.

With a wide range of chandeliers, you can light the stairs, side-walls and handrails. Let us select few valuable staircase chandeliers and lighting to illuminate your stairway –

  1. Wall lights

Wall lights are available in varieties of style to choose from sconces and lamps. They can predominantly lighten each of your footsteps with safe and vibrant feelings. Brightening your stairway with wall lights are the best features to adorn your interior of hallway. They are easy to install and are cost-effective to match any design.

The wall arts and photo frames can get a fascinating and beautiful lighting effects by these wall lights. Homeowners are considering them because of its stunning spark of aesthetic ambience. They are available in different variant of colors to give up the traditional and boring yellow light.

  1. Strip lights

Strip lights are an elegant and smart way to brighten your stairs and handrails. They can be placed directly under each stair and on the handrails. From straight staircase to spiral staircase, strip lights can easily fit into all types of stairway designs. You can select different brightness or hue of strip lights to sufficiently glow varying sizes of stairs and staircases.

Apart from traditional railing lights, some special handrailing LED lights are available for glass railings. The LED lights balance your interior with soothing, relaxing, and calming colors ranging from red to blue and green. These special handrailing lights lavishly increases the beauty and attraction of your interior.

Homeowners are finding strip lights perfectly suitable for increasing the artistic design of their staircases. Strip lights substantially illuminate light beams to decor the corners of stairway.

  1. Hanging Chandelier

If you find insufficient lighting effects of your staircase, you can opt for hanging chandeliers. They can abundantly huge light beams to lighten your multi-story staircase and oversized hallway. Hanging chandeliers have varying shapes, sizes and designs to suitable adjust in all types of staircases.

They are available in round, rectangular, spiral, raindrop, and pyramidal shapes and designs with varying number of light bulbs and crystal balls. You can also find other options of hanging chandeliers like flush mount, multi-layers and multi-tiers for rich artistical lighting and aesthetical effects.

The high quality K9 crystal balls and LED bulbs are hung with a stainless-steel pendant attached to the canopy frame. Another steel wire is used to attached the canopy with the ceiling and sometimes the canopy is mounted itself in the ceiling to form flush mount chandelier.

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