Tips To Smartly Organize Your Wardrobe

With an organized wardrobe, you are familiar with where your favorite jeans or jacket is stored. You don’t need to waste time looking in the pile stored chaotically. With an unorganized closet, you will always feel that you have nothing suitable to wear. There are many items that you forget there are in the cupboard.

On the Smarter Communities blog, you can get information about finance, lifestyle, inspiration, and strata matters. Below are some valuable tips to organise wardrobes, which will allow you to de-clutter and make more room.

Start with de-cluttering

  • Remove everything and empty the closet. You need a clean space, so dust, vacuum, and wipe the wardrobe.
  • Closets have limited spaces, so keep items you often wear, sell good shape items [clothes, shoes & accessories], donate, and trash ripped or outdated things.

Consistently manage your closet

To avoid cluttering, you need to constantly review the wardrobe. You can opt for a one-in and one-out policy. If you don’t review, the pile may increase in volume along with outdated and unfitting clothes. Clearing out prevents you from getting dressed with ease every morning.

Buy closet organizers

Measure the space and check the storage solution you already have before planning how to use the space. A small basket, cubbies, and bookcases are good for storing accessories, shoes, gym clothes and handbags. A double hang allows using horizontal space much better.

Categorically organize the space

Everything looks neat and saves time, especially when you are getting ready for going to work in the morning. Fold and pile sweaters in a chest, hang pants on the hanger, place accessories like socks, undergarments, handkerchief, etc. in multi-purpose store boxes with dividers. Divide your clothing based on the winter and summer season, to organize them accordingly. You don’t desire to have your winter jackets hanging when it is summer and you will never wear it.

Allocate space smartly

The clothes you wear often must be kept in the middle or front of the closet. Store the less-used clothes or out-of-season outfits on the upper shelves or at the back.

Store shoes smartly

Tape the photos of the shoes outside the box, so you don’t have to open several boxes to find the right one. Boxes are good for shoe storage because it prevents dust as well as cardboard material is breathable. Regular shoes need to be stored in the front and not the back of the wardrobe.

Remember to store the shoes and accessories separately from the clothes. 

With a newly organized closet, you will feel dressing easy on every occasion. However, you will need to check your closet regularly. Closet maintenance takes less time in comparison to a complete makeover. Full re-organization can be scheduled twice a year. Plan your cleaning schedules either by date, event, or season and follow it.

You will also need to change your shopping style. Invest in quality, trendy, and versatile clothes. Never spend loads on outfits you will wear in one season. In this way, you will not feel sad about giving it to the needy. Before you buy think of three ways to combine this new outfit with clothes already existing in your closet.

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