Does Using Cannabis Affect Our Memory?

Are you forgetting things frequently or some memories are blurred? There can be various reasons for this kind of bouts of memory loss or brain fog. There is a fair share of anecdotal instances that show that cannabis has an effect memory. Researches have to consider more outcomes and definite evidences to state the ultimate result of prolonged cannabis use.

You should keep in mind that cannabis contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, nutrients anti-oxidants, omega and many more compounds. So, when you consider the effect of one particular compound, it may be completely different or contradictory to other compounds. However, it is evident that cannabinoids have some or the other effects on the signaling of the brain cells for memory functioning.

Nowadays, cannabis is gaining popularity for a compound called cannabidiol or CBD. Numerous anecdotal evidences show that CBD has various health benefits. However, at the same time you should be aware of the fact that counterfeits are prevalent in the market. Look for trustworthy smoke shops like the Express Smoke Shop to get high quality CBD products. They offer their products at the best possible rate with well defined return policy.

THC And Memory

THC is a psychoactive substance and its potency in the marijuana makes people high on consumption. Research shows that THC has high influence on cognitive functioning. It impairs cognitive functions like learning, concentration, thinking, reasoning, and memory. It disrupts the processing of short-term memory. This is because the cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plants can actually enter our body and interact with endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is composed of endogenous cannabinoids that binds with cannabinoid receptors to maintain homeostasis of the body by regulating various body functions. Different cannabinoids react differently with these cannabinoid receptors. THC directly binds with CB1 receptors that is densely located in the central nervous system and also in peripheral nervous system. Therefore, long-term use of cannabis with potent THC can lead to addiction.


Unlike THC, cannabidiol does not bind with CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB2 receptors are mostly found in the gastrointestinal and immune system. Though CBD may not bind with these receptors, it can interact in a way where the binding effects of THC is greatly reduced. Thus, it can sometimes help with the withdrawal symptoms of THC.

CBD does not limit its function to this, it stimulates various other receptors boosting or inhibiting various body functions. It has innumerable positive effects on our health and memory. It also restricts neurodegeneration.


Many factors contribute to memory loss – it can be due to medical predisposition, drug reaction, prolonged stress and anxiety, and mental health problems. When you are buying a cannabis product you would know whether it is overall beneficial or can be harmful by identifying its components. If you are consuming a product that hardly has CBD but contains high THC, it’s a grave mistake you are committing.

Remember that cannabis use with underlying cause of memory loss can aggravate the situation. Therefore, it may not be solely due to cannabis use. You have to examine other possibilities too.